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I have been studying Architecture and the Arts for over 35 years.  My urge to create started early and with a spark ignited by an Art teacher I set out to become an Architect at the age of 12. 

While fluent in all Architectural Styles my strength and passion is in an original and contemporary interpretation of Organic design principles.  This was and is a natural inclination for me and although it was not conscious at that time it was present in my earliest designs.  My formal introduction to Organic Architecture came in 1987 from Bob Faust at Auburn University and through him the Friends of Kebyar an international network of Architects and Artists inspired by Bruce Goff to advocate creative organic architecture.  While attending Auburn, I had the opportunity to take part in the construction process helping to build Faust's designs.  The accumulation of working knowledge with a hands-on approach is a practice I continue today. 

I earned my bachelors degree from Auburn University and the University of Illinois at Chicago in 1992.  Shortly after graduation upon the advice of Bob Faust, “Go West Young Man”, I began  attending The San Francisco Institute of Architecture.  There under the direction of Fred Stitt, I learned from a plethora of Organic Architects and fellow students.  I explored the teachings of Buckminster Fuller with free thinking inventor Jay Baldwin, permaculture from Penny Livingston, and eco-village planning from Phil Hawes to highlight a few.

I submerged myself in study and practice at SFIA.  Fred Stitt’s unique teaching methodology and ability to provide the ideal environment for design exploration allowed me to synthesize Organic ideals, alternative engineering, and the environment.

While in San Francisco my work experience was highlighted with a stint in Aaron G. Green’s Office.  Aaron G. Green was a long time associate of Frank Lloyd Wright and dedicated himself to the Organic Principles developed by Mr. Wright.  I learned daily from Mr. Green and Jan Novie about how to execute quintessential Organic Architecture.

An opportunity to join ARC, a design / build firm in Huntsville Alabama, came in 2002.  There with long time friend Anders Adelfang, I worked on unique designs from the drawing board through hands-on construction.

Grand Designs was founded in 2004 with long time friend and entrepreneur Steve Miller.  Now a sole proprietor, I practice from my office in Oak Park Illinois.

I earned my Permaculture Certification in early 2010.

I now weave the Permaculture principles: Care of People, Care of Earth, and Share all Surplus, into my work as I continually strive for excellence in original applications of Organic Design Principles in Art and Architecture.